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فعلنه اینو داشته باشین...  چاپ
تاریخ : شنبه 15 فروردین‌ماه سال 1388

The last man


To be or not to be,

That’s not the problem:

That who knows

For whom the bell tolls,

Or, when you have no rose,

For whom you look for.

How to be or not to be,

That’s the question:

That in desert of ocean,

A man is not an island,

But he is,

A land of  loneliness.

Which had  peopled,




  THE LAST man” said on of the executers to the queen. Then went back and stood next to the other soldiers.

For a moment, they were silent, till the Queen’s laughs broke the silent.

“Now, it’s the time of our freedom, and I name this day: THE Independent day. Said it the queen scornfully to her attendance, while she seemed frighten.

She was the  head of a group of women, who they were believed in feminism. Their feministic view, had led them to decide to kill all the men. Even they had killed all the boys, before, even they birth, in their mother’s womb.

And now, the earth was peopled just by the female sex.

The queen herself was one of the pregnant women but her supremacy power had prevent her to been checked, and she had hidden her pregnant from her followers.  

Their exteme femenistic view led them to kill even male animalls! For they wish to have an earth free from men and any other male sex, from inspect to palnt.



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